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August 13, 2022 – Asbury Park Cooperative
Beach Badge Zine Reading
Eight Stone Press celebrates the debut issue of Beach Badge


Windy City Times interview (August 7, 2022)

The Literary Vixen review (August 3, 2022)

Being LGBTQ Episode 251: Davida Breier ‘Sinkhole’ interview with Sam Wise (July 31, 2022)

Best Indie Books Of Summer Women Writers, Women’s Books (July 11, 2022)

Southern Writer Spotlight: Davida G. Breier (July 7, 2022)

Reading and Writing Podcast interview with Jeff Rutherford (July 5, 2022)

Southern Review of Books review (July 1, 2022)

“These observations, while wry, cut to the bone
and mark Sinkhole as a sharp commentary on
class and privilege specific to Central Florida
and the South.”

Southern Review of Books

Five Compelling Questions with Shawn interview with Shawn Reilly Simmons (June 25, 2022)

AUPresses Annual Meeting, speaker “Growing Diversity through Equity, Justice, and Inclusion” (June 19, 2022)

The Gabber “New Florida ‘Sinkhole’ Thriller Sucks Readers In” review (June 18, 2022)

Dialogue Between the Lines interview (June 15, 2022)

The Best Southern Books of June 2022 (June 15, 2022)

Coffee with a Canine interview (June 15, 2022)

The Hopkins Review review (June 13, 2022)

“Breier’s Florida is merciless, lush, and all-consuming; if Lauren Groff’s characters feel submerged by Florida, Breier’s characters have Florida in their bone marrow.”

The Hopkins Review

Syosset Public Library – Turn the Page podcast (June 9, 2022)

A Day in My Life: Morrison F. Nuñez Dru’s Book Musings guest post (June 5, 2022)

May’s Most Anticipated LGBTQIA+ Literature, Lambda Literary (June 3, 2022)

Around the Dial with DJ Cosmo playlist and interview (May 30, 2022)

Bi+Podcast interview (May, 29, 2022)

Hasty Book List interview (May 29, 2022)

“How a Book Distributor Ended Up Selling Her Own Book” for Writers Digest (May 28, 2022)

“Stranger Things” and the frustrations of Gen X’s ’80s nostalgia habit” for (May 27, 2022)

“How many kids in the 1980s watched
The Day After and spent their junior high
years waiting for bombs to drop?
It is any wonder Gen X is the way it is?”

Fanbase Press interview (May 26, 2022)

Foreword Magazine – Book of the Day (May 26, 2022)

Baltimore Post-Examiner excerpt (May 26, 2022)

What’s Better than Books review (May 26, 2022)

Kris Clink’s Writing Table podcast (May 26, 2022)

Baltimore Fishbowl interview (May 24, 2022)

The Nerd Cantina review (May 21, 2022)

New York Times review (May 20, 2022)

“The final showdown between them is
destined to shock; the electric denouement
more than justifies the tension throughout.”

The New York Times

Liar, Liar, Everything’s on Fire: A Reader’s Guide to Dangerous Teens, CrimeReads (May 20, 2022)

Game of Books Podcast, Corks and Conversation Episode 141 (May 20, 2022)

Shelf Awareness “Hopkins’s Davida Breier and Story of Her Debut Novel, Sinkhole” (May 19, 2022)

Sidekicks and Side Trips with Heather Gudenkauf (May 19, 2022)

Bolo Books review (May 10, 2022)

Named one of the 45 Books We’re Excited About from Indie Presses and Indie Authors (2022 Releases) (April 21, 2022)

Razorcake review (March 15, 2022)

Publishers Weekly review (March 9, 2022)

“…mezmerizing debut…“A clever plot and astute characterizations help drive this coming-of-age tale with a malevolent twist. Readers will eagerly await Breier’s next.”

Publishers Weekly

Foreword review (February 27, 2022)

First Clue review (January 6, 2022)

Speaker at the GW Ethics in Publishing Conference on “Advancing Inclusion and Eliminating Barriers to the Profession of Publishing” (October 27, 2021)

Interview with Riverside Quarterly (September 23, 2021)

Cover Reveal with Bolo Books (July 13, 2021)


Atomic Books 5/26/22 – In conversation with William Patrick Tandy (Eight Stone Press)

Park Books 6/2/22 – Author talk, Q & A, and signing